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Government Automobile Workshop

Exexcutive Engineer (i/c)

Shri. S.D Sundaresan
Office : +91-413-2249658
Email : gaw.pon@nic.in

Government Automobile Workshop was initially established during the ex-French regime and was attached with TRAVAUX PUBLIC (Public Works Department). The workshop functioned at Dubrayapet, Puducherry. After the de facto transfer, it was functioning under the Agriculture Department.

During the period 1970-75 (when V. Subbiah was the Agriculture Minister), a Fuel Station managed by Government Automobile Workshop, was set up within the premises of the Government Agricultural Engineering Workshop at Dubrayapet, Puducherry to supply Petrol, Diesel and lubricants to all the vehicles owned by Government Departments.

As a felt to expand the workshop, a large extent o f land was acquired at Saram, Puducherry for seeting up the Government Automobile Workshop,  thus delinking it from the control of Agriculture Department, Puducherry. First the Fuel Station was shifted from Dubrayapet to the newly acquired place at Saram on 1.4.1984. Later on, the workshop and the Service Station were shifted to the new premises during 1986.

Considering the need to impart quality training to unemployed youth in HMV/LMV driving,  a Motor Vehicle Driving Training Institute was established in the Government Automobile Workshop, Puducherry in the year 1986.

A mini Automobile Workshop was established in the Industrial Estate Campus at Kottuchery, Karaikal which started functioning from December, 1986.

One Fuel station to supply diesel and lubricants and a service station were established in the Beach Road at Karaikal during 1988.

In Karaikal, a Motor Vehicle Driving Training Institute was also established in the Government Automobile Workshop, during October 1998.

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